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One-dollar bills are very popular these days. We like them too!

  • The K-dollar Contribution details are as follows:

What is a K-dollar?

        • Every one-dollar bill has one of 12 letters on the front left—A-L—that identify at which of the Federal Reserves it was made, e.g. Chicago, Kansas, Dallas, etc. (See the photo above with the “K” by our first President’s picture? That’s a “K-dollar!”)

How do I turn in my K-dollars?

        • ● You can bring them to The Key at 507 State Street in Hammond. While you’re here, be sure to take a tour of our studios!
        • ● Members of First Baptist Church may put them in the offering. Be sure to mark them “K-dollars for The Key”!

You can mail them to:
The Key FM
507 State Street
Hammond, IN 46320.

For questions, please call us at (219) 228-2995.