[wp-stream-player url="https://thekeyfm.com:8443/WRTW" autoplay="no" ]

Instructions to Setup WRTW shortcut for Desktop:

  1. Open Browser.
  2. Right click in any open spot.
  3. On dropdown menu select New. 
  4. Then click Shortcut.

5. Where to get short cut = https://thekeyfm.com:8443/WRTW

6. Type in Name of Short cut (WRTW 90.5)  and click finish.             

6. This icon will show up on the desktop. Double click icon and press play.

Instructions to Setup WRTW Shortcut for Android:

  1. Open Browser. (Chrome)
  2. Type in:  https://thekeyfm.com/8443/WRTW
Should open in your preferred player.

Right Click on Page anywhere.

Click on Add to Home screen