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Looking ahead to your kids’ future: Does your daughter plan to become a “none”? What about your son? Will he become a “none”?

“Nones” is the FASTEST GROWING religion in the United States, according to at least one recent survey. In fact, 16 percent of Americans call themselves NONES – double what the percentage was in 1990. They are loyal to a belief in nothing.

WRTW, 90.5 The Key, is committed to seeing the next generation understand and trust in the risen Saviour and the only hope America has— Jesus Christ.

Sharathon 2012 is of critical importance. Without prayerful and financial support we’re unable to broadcast the preaching, teaching, Bible reading, and godly music that are quickly vanishing from the dial.

WRTW, 90.5, The Key, is your radio station.

Join us March 20 thru March 22 for Shareathon 2012. Your generosity will touch lives for years to come . . . and turn tomorrow’s NONES . . . even today’s NONES . . . into new believers. Yes—it means that much.

Sharathon 2012 . . . March 20 thru the 22nd!

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